About me

Cars have taken up most part of my toughts since I was a small child and I have gained my broad base knowledge from the time when I was around 11 years old and started to plow through car magazines all day long. This was of course before the Internet age and I had therefore my information base in the bookshelf instead of the computer.

If someone asked for a specific car model I could often enough reach out towards the rack of magazines and just pull out the correct issue of Teknikens Värld (the largest Swedish car magazine). I think there must have been a little Rainman inside me after all!

I was born in Sweden in 1975. Around the age of 22, I moved to the old university city of Uppsala to study social science and gained a Master’s degree in Peace & Conflict Studies in 2003. Thereafter I have lived and worked abroad in periods; in Lebanon, Kenya, Sierra Leone and Sudan.

In between the travels I have lived in Uppsala, Sweden, where I have worked for different public authorities. My other blog deals with world politics in accordance with my academic background: http://worldpoliticsuncovered.wordpress.com/

Filip Ericsson                                                                                                                          Uppsala, Sweden


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