My watch collection – Poljot Aviator Alarm

Poljot Aviator is a classic Russian pilot’s watch, before used by the Soviet Air Force. The Poljot factory is located in Moscow and originates from Stalin’s watch factory which opened in 1930, as the Soviets thought they needed their own watch manufacure to supply the armed forces and to compete with the Western powers.

A while ago I ordered a Poljot Aviator Alarm from an internet dealer and after one long month it finally arrived. Mine is no. 131 out of 999 units made of this exact model and the movement is mechanical and manually wound. The movement (Poljot Caliber 2612.1) originates from the 1960’s and the production ceased some years ago. The remaining quantities of this unique alarm movement were later put into new watches made in limited numbers. Also the alarm is hand-wound with the upper crown and then set at desired time, releasing a small hammer onto the steel case.

So, I had a little present at the post office recently when I got back from 3 weeks of travelling – The Aviator Alarm is now in my possession! The watch is perfect and the alarm gives away this sweet little tune, just like an old alarm clock but a lot more high pitched. The Aviator will serve as an excellent complement to my vintage Omega, my Longines Legend Diver and my three Vostok Amphibias! Enjoy pictures below.






Filip Ericsson

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