About the blog

This blog is all about what’s fun with cars. It’s relievingly free from tire tests and other consumer based bore, and instead the passion for cars is in focus. On this site, the cars, brands and motoring industry are discussed, debated and analyzed as intellectually as possible.

The name “Speedlane” symbolizes speed and flamboyance and as a writer I’ve been inspired by some of the best motor reporters in the world, like for instance the brilliant journalists in the leading, British magazines such as Car Magazine and Classic & Sportscar. Several of these old guys were active also when I was a kid and my ambition is to imitate them regarding their knowledge and developed language, but with my own stile of course!

I also run a Swedish car blog at http://vansterfilen.se/ and a blog about world politics at http://worldpoliticsuncovered.wordpress.com/



Filip Ericsson

Contact: filipmcericsson@hotmail.com


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